21 Incredible Experiences You Can Only Have In Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun is more than just cacti and desert.

1. Eating a hot dog that looks like this.

ID: 2911498

2. Going to galleries that sometimes double as hair salons during the day.

Mister Phoenix / Via mrphx.tumblr.com
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3. Your baristas will put agave nectar or horchata in your coffee, and it will be delivered to you with a flawless heart or rosette.

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4. You can head to First Friday to explore downtown Phoenix’s art scene.

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5. Mariachis are always a short phone call away, in case you need one at your birthday party.

Mister Phoenix / Via mrphx.tumblr.com
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6. You can head to Sky Harbor Airport for the best cuisine in any airport, ever. Really, though.

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7. You can ride the Light Rail across town.

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8. Cruising 16th Street for the amazing murals.

A few other new #PaintPHX #murals found this morning on #Calle16... Saw some other st... http://t.co/WVmE11LSua

— dtphx.co (@dtphxco)
ID: 2911070

9. Eating a burrito and enjoying your favorite band in the same place. ALL IN A DAY’S WORK AT CRESCENT BALLROOM.

ID: 2912021

10. You can experience the perfectly weird literary scene.

Odd 1

— Four Chambers Press (@FourChambersPhx)
ID: 2912786

11. Phoenix’s hip historian, Marshall Shore, will teach you about all the offbeat landmarks you’ve probably never heard of.

ID: 2912866

12. You can buy used books and gnomes in the same place. GNOMES.

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13. You can eat a dish called “Nopales like home” that includes jackfruit and cactus.

Tonight! $5 First Friday 7pm-10pm. 2 jackfruit barbacoa tacos + chips & salsa. Horchata is also on tap.

— Braggs Factory Diner (@BraggsDiner)
ID: 2912950

14. Since it never rains or snows, you can just hang out on porches all day in the sun.

ID: 2921521

15. You can wander on Roosevelt Row and experience art, food, and culture all in a day’s walk.

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16. It’s really freaking hot, but that just means you can swim any day of the year.

ID: 2913152

17. You can get in with downtown’s outsider art scene that isn’t scared of having fun.

ID: 2910852

18. You can go hiking with your dog and even get hiking boots for the pup.

Dog wearing shoes #CamelbackMountain

— kylie kirsch (@kykirsch)
ID: 2913813

19. You can see any major sports team play. Plus, CHARLES BARKLEY lives on, people.

ID: 2913230

20. It flies under the radar, but Phoenix’s pizza game is STRONG. HAVE SOME OF IT.

Memories of @PizzeriaBianco; the Rosa pizza is as good as "they say":

— Kelly Bone (@TheVegFoodie)
ID: 2918645

21. Plus, this view on the commute home makes it all worth it.

ID: 2914502

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