21 Incredible Experiences You Can Only Have In Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun is more than just cacti and desert.

2. Going to galleries that sometimes double as hair salons during the day.

Mister Phoenix / Via mrphx.tumblr.com

3. Your baristas will put agave nectar or horchata in your coffee, and it will be delivered to you with a flawless heart or rosette.

4. You can head to First Friday to explore downtown Phoenix’s art scene.

5. Mariachis are always a short phone call away, in case you need one at your birthday party.

Mister Phoenix / Via mrphx.tumblr.com

6. You can head to Sky Harbor Airport for the best cuisine in any airport, ever. Really, though.

7. You can ride the Light Rail across town.

9. Eating a burrito and enjoying your favorite band in the same place. ALL IN A DAY’S WORK AT CRESCENT BALLROOM.

11. Phoenix’s hip historian, Marshall Shore, will teach you about all the offbeat landmarks you’ve probably never heard of.

12. You can buy used books and gnomes in the same place. GNOMES.

14. Since it never rains or snows, you can just hang out on porches all day in the sun.

15. You can wander on Roosevelt Row and experience art, food, and culture all in a day’s walk.

16. It’s really freaking hot, but that just means you can swim any day of the year.

17. You can get in with downtown’s outsider art scene that isn’t scared of having fun.

19. You can see any major sports team play. Plus, CHARLES BARKLEY lives on, people.

21. Plus, this view on the commute home makes it all worth it.

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