33 Signs You Go To Cornell

Because we’re gorges, inside and out.

33. You have shed tears, and lost friends over the Terrace vs. Trillium salad debate

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32. You only enter Uris to take the obligatory “I go to school at Hogwarts” picture

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31. You know that going to Mann is more of a social mixer than a study session

ID: 1441479

30. You have strong feelings either for or against the Greek system

ID: 1442280

29. You view CTP as both a blessing and a curse

ID: 1441595

28. You secretly wish everyone lived on west camps, because its so pretty

ID: 1441529

27. Your newsfeed was attacked with cherry blossoms pictures the second they bloomed

ID: 1441564

26. You scoff when your friends say they wear sweatpants out at their college

If Mila Kunis can’t pull it off, what hope do we have?

ID: 1441662

25. You think fondly of your high caloric, carefree sunday RPCC brunches

Pancake or omelette, how about both?

ID: 1441682

24. You would sell your right arm for an elliptical at Helen Newmann after 4pm

ID: 1441703

23. You scheduling a Friday morning class is as likely as Denise Cassaro never emailing you again

ID: 1441746

22. You know “fishbowl” means much more than a place to store fish

ID: 1441778

21. You complain about Pixel but still end up there every night

ID: 1441798

20. Your trip to Wegmans is a meticulously planned, traumatizing, 7 hour ordeal

ID: 1441832

19. You were severely offended when Betches Love This inaccurately reviewed Cornell

ID: 1441897

18. You spent hours looking at Cornell Compliments for familiar names

ID: 1441959

17. You love when parents visit, ie time to inhale steak at John Thomas

ID: 1441913

16. You are used to seeing girls walk across campus in high heels and dresses at 4pm, hey that’s formal season!

ID: 1441942

15. You are convinced the TCAT has a vendetta against you

ID: 1441859

14. You shiver at the memory of the frozen, nervous, sweat pants changing haze that was: rush week

Or laugh, if you’re lucky enough to be a guy

ID: 1442034

13. Your can barely feign a smile when someone says the original “try not to jump off any bridges” joke

ID: 1442324

12. Your wardrobe goes from J crew catalog to Nike store in finals season

ID: 1441989

11. You are only convinced that archies actually exist on Dragon Day

ID: 1442146

10. You probably will only be sure of an engineers existence at graduation

ID: 1442173

9. You momentarily fall in love with every performer at an acapella concert

ID: 1442131

8. You get deeply offended when none of your hotelie friends invite you to prom

ID: 1442328

7. You took either Magical Mushrooms, Green World Blue Planet, or Physics of the Heavens and Earth

ID: 1442283

6. Your favorite alumni is Bill Nye

ID: 1442235

5. You cannot believe you will be graded on your knowledge of wine

ID: 1442187

4. You get super defensive anytime anyone says anything bad about your school

ID: 1442300

3. You were more excited for Slope Day than you will be for your first child’s birth

ID: 1442054

2. You always tear up when watching “This Is”

ID: 1442238

1. You wouldn’t trade the long hours in the library, brilliant peers, amazing friends and unimaginable opportunities for anything

ID: 1442078

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