15 Signs That You Are The Phoebe Buffay Of Your Friend Group

Oh smelly cat, oh smelly cat.

1. You go on dates even if you are not interested.

2. You are the poetic one.

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3. Your sarcasm can come off as mean occasionally.

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But you don’t mean it….sometimes.

4. You are confident in your strengths.

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5. You flaunt what you got.

6. You sing songs about anything, literally anything.

7. Sometimes there is too much crap to handle.

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8. You ask for help when you’re in trouble.

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9. You are honest.

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10. Sometimes brutally honest.


11. You want your kids to be named after you.


12. You are creative.

13. Sometimes other people don’t make sense.

14. You’re caring.

15. You are not afraid to open up.


You’re pretty awesome.

And your friends love you!


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