10 Things We Learn From Rap Songs

Despite popular belief, there are many hidden lessons in world of rap. I’ve never felt more enriched with knowledge in my entire life.

1. If you’re drowning in the pussy, you can still swim to the butt.

Lil Wayne, here, taught us a very important lesson so we don’t drown and we can save ourselves! Who would ever thought that this was such a life saving fact!

2. You only live once, that’s the motto. YOLO.

Thanks Drake for informing the world that we only live once. Silly me for thinking we live nine times like cats!

3. You can give a damn, but you can NEVER give a fuck.

Ace Hood said, “Say I maybe gave a damn but I never gave a fuck.” There you have it folks.

4. When in doubt, blame it on the alcohol.

Jamie Foxx just justified all the world’s problems. Thank you for teaching me that nothing’s really my fault.

5. It never rains in Southern California.

Tyga pretty much told us the weather forecast for all of Southern California for the rest of eternity. Pack your sunscreen because it’s gonna be hot hot hot!

6. Drop it like it’s hot.

Big Tymers taught me that I need to watch out and drop it like it’s hot

7. The main question: what you twerking with?

French Montana says, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I learned that I need to ask what you’re twerking with, so just continue to pop that.

8. All you want for your birthday is a big booty hoe.

Well I’m glad 2 Chainz decided what should go right on my birthday wish list. Thank you because I would’ve had a hard time making a decision without you.

9. Young Money can make your bed rock.

Challenged accepted Young Money, challenge accepted. Try me.

10. How can you be so heartless?!

Exactly everyone’s heartless, including you Kanye. Who names their baby “North”?

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