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    • WScott84

      DavidDruen, you pretty much just summed up the Gospel.  “We are all sinners in need of a savior. This is why we need Jesus, because without him, we cannot make it to Heaven. Our sins have separated us from God, and by Jesus’s sinless life, and his sacrifice we are reconciled with God.”  Read Romans 3.  You’re also right that there is an element of offense to the Gospel; it requires a attitude of humility to realize that we are all sinners and our only hope is Jesus. Jesus even preached… blessed is he who is not offended by my me.  Regarding homosexuality, before sin was the English word sin, it was a Greek word “hamartano” roughly translated, “missing the mark”. The point is, our sins are not always sins against other people. We can sin against our own bodies, most sexual deviations like homosexuality is sinning against our own bodies. We are deviating, or missing the mark of God’s design. You might also look at gluttony and think, it is not hurting anyone, but it is sin.