One Guy & His Tractor On A Mission To Give Back

One of the most inspiring stories you will see.

1. It all started with a tractor.

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2. And this guy.

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3. He is traveling from Florida to Michigan, by tractor. This will take three weeks.

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4. This is Elyse.

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5. And this mission is for her.

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6. Elyse was taken from this world last year, from a cancerous brain tumor. Her father Matt, has recently been diagnosed with the same thing.

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7. In honor of them, Track The Tractor is traveling 1400 miles to spread awareness, and raise money for the Riley Children’s Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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8. This is a journey to make a significant difference in the lives of people you have never met.

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9. Every 100 miles traveled will be in memory of someone.

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10. The first 100 miles are for Elyse.

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11. Track The Tractor departed from Chiefland, Florida today, and will arrive in New Buffalo, Michigan, in about three weeks.

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12. Follow along as history is made.

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13. When you see the tractor, be sure to take a picture and post to social media using #TrackTheTractor.

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14. Help to spread the word about this amazing cause. (Ellen, are you out there?!)

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15. One person truly has the power to change the world.

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16. And always remember…

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