Would You Rather Live In England Or America?

The rivalry between England and the United States, aka the Thirteen Colonies, is now centuries old. Sure, we might’ve won a couple wars together, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be one winner. Pick which of these choices you like better, then watch “Would You Rather…? With Graham Norton” premiering on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 11pm/10c on BBC America and find out what your favorite celebrities and comedians have to say about this and many more Would You Rather questions.

1. Popular Book/Movie Series

Harry Potter series v. Twilight series

ID: 14866

2. Royalty

Queen Elizabeth II v. Kim Kardashian

ID: 14864

3. Terrifying Subgroup

Chavs v. Juggalos

ID: 15614

4. Cats

British Shorthair v. American Shorthair

ID: 14875

5. Breakfast

English breakfast v. American breakfast

ID: 15616

6. Sassy Singer

Adele v. Lady Gaga

ID: 14870

7. Trashier Reality Show

The Geordie Shore

ID: 15610

The Jersey Shore

ID: 15611

8. Cars

Aston-Martin v. Ford

ID: 15635

9. Craziest Sports Fans

Football (soccer) hooligans v. Green Bay Packers fans

ID: 15703

10. Most-Trusted Doctor

Doctor Who v. Dr. Phil

ID: 32027

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