10 90’s Kids Fads That Should Totally Make A Comeback

Every generation has its fads, but the 90’s had some that should have never left.

1. Beanie Babies

Complete with a unique name and a personalized poem, these little bean-filled beauties were all the rage when you were 9. If you’re like me then you probably still have a box of these in a basement or an attic somewhere, which is half the reason why these need to make comeback. Oh! But, be careful not to ruin or dirty the baby in any way, and if you rip the tag you’re fucked.

2. Pogs

Aww man, you guys! Remember pogs?! And remember the slammers? The metal ones were the best and the plastic ones were SHIT. And remember the holders that you bought to put all your pogs and slammers in? And how you’d go to your friends houses to have pogs tournaments?! And how the mall by your house had a POG STORE and a pog display with easily HUNDREDS of pogs, with a sign that said, “Guess the amount of pogs correctly and you could win ALL THE POGS”?

Yeah, these definitely need to make a comeback.

3. Virtual Pets

Tamagotchis, Giga Pets, and Nano Babies OH MY! What better way to learn responsibility than to take care of a puppy or baby that had zero real-life consequences if you neglected them. What ever happened to these things anyway? Did they ever grow up or did the toy companies just rely on the fact that kids would get bored with these soon enough that they didn’t even have to worry about that?

Ya GOTTA love em!

4. Crazy Bones

So, apparently there was a game attached to these little plastic figurines, but I never played it. I basically just collected the bones because I thought they were cute and cool and pretty. I’m a girl, what do you want?

5. Polly Pocket

Ever wanted to fit an entire dollhouse into your pocket? Well, this toy made that dream a reality. Polly was less than an inch tall! and provided hours of entertainment. My Polly Pocket had a slide in her backyard. What did yours have?

6. Skip It

Skip it….Skip it….bee dee bee baaa. Bee dee baaaa. And they very best thing of all - there’s a counter on this ball! It really was the best thing about the Skip It. What other toy measured your procrastination for you? And it was QUITE the work out.

Come on, everybody! SKIP IT!

7. Lisa Frank

Talk about a total sensory overload. Lisa Frank was school supplies on crack and it. was. AWESOME! The trapper keepers and notebooks and stickers - there was just never enough stuff! And every time you went to the store there was something new to get too. If they made a Lisa Frank day-planner I would TOTALLY use it at work now. According to the interwebs, Lisa Anne Frank (unfortunate name combo) still runs the company, but I haven’t seen any new product on the shelves in years. But, I’m 26 now, so maybe I’m past the age where you notice these things.

Spoiler: This commercial features Mila Kunis!

8. Koosh Ball

Whether you were whippin’ this bad boy at your sisters head or playing an intense game of no-dribble koosh basketball, this ball was the star of many a 90 play date. It was soft and squishy and tickly and I can still smell its signature rubber-fresh scent. They also made a whole slew of koosh toys including the Koosh slingshot and Kooshlings.

Featuring Topanga (Danielle Fishel), Stephanie Tanner (Jodi Sweetin), and Alex Mac (Larisa Oleynik)

9. Lanyards

Although these were a real BITCH to get started, the end result could be pretty impressive. Call it a new twist on the classic friendship bracelet, there were so many different designs to choose from including the chinese staircase, the cobra & the box and the barrel. If you didn’t have one of these on your keychain you were the definition of an L7 weenie.

10. Trolls

These things were extremely weird-looking in retrospect. Like they had the face of a 90-year-old on a babies body. Very Benjamin Button-esque, if you will. I don’t remember ever really playing with these like other dolls either…just taking them out of their box every once in a while to brush their hair and throw them right back in. Hmm, weird.

Way to promote bellybutton piercings, Treasure Troll Dolls.

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