Your Guide To Ireland Baldwin

Apologies to Jack Donaghy, but we simply cannot dance around the fact that his daughter, Ireland, has suddenly grown up. As if the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger wasn’t going to be drop-dead gorgeous. Unfortunately for you, she’s jailbait, born in October of 1995 — which makes her only 16. Regardless, here’s everything we know about her.

1. Her Mom Is Actress Kim Basinger

ID: 102897

2. Her Dad Is Alec Baldwin

ID: 102902

3. …Who Caught Some Flack For Bringing 14-Year-Old Ireland Along As His Date

Alec received some criticism for bringing such a young date to the SAG awards, only for the world to discover it was actually his daughter. Oops!

ID: 102891

4. She Made Headlines At 14 When Perez Ran Sexy Photos Of Her

ID: 102976

5. Has Blue Eyes

ID: 102945

6. Is Taller Than Her Mom

David Livingston / Getty Images
ID: 102896

7. Is By No Means Scared Of Roller Coasters

“Splash mountain don’t phase me.”

ID: 102937

8. Was Infamously Called A “Rude, Thoughtless Little Pig” By Her Dad

ID: 102909

9. Has A Tumblr

ID: 103100

10. Loves Jay-Z And Kayne West

Jason DeCrow / AP

So much that her Dad will defend her for it.

ID: 102968

11. Has Nostalgia For The 90s, Like The Rest Of Us

“Such hipsters we were indeed. http://pic.twitter.com/TICqiupu”

ID: 102948

12. Hung Out With RPattz Once

ID: 102961

13. Hangs With Her Dad Pretty Often

ID: 102930

18. Hangs With Her Cousin Hailey, Stephen Baldwin’s Daughter

ID: 102921

21. Partied With Her Dad At The SAG Award After-Parties Last Weekend

ID: 102261

22. Loves To Post Twit-Pics Of Herself

ID: 100706

“Trying so hard to do @AlecBaldwin eye brow raise….”

ID: 102924

29. Predicted The “Words With Friends” Disaster Months Ago

“So into words with friends! @AlecBaldwin http://yfrog.com/kisrogjj”

ID: 102931

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