Winnipeg Currently Hates Rob Lowe

The actor is currently filming a biopic about Casey Anthony in Winnipeg and managed to upset everyone who lives there by calling it a “hellhole.” Well, kind of.

You see, Lowe had been watching the NBA finals in a local Winnipeg bar when the channel was abruptly changed the local election results. Known for being a major sports fan, this clearly drove Lowe crazy and as such, he tweeted the following:

He probably meant that the current sports bar he was was the hellhole, but the damage was done. Winnipeg residents on twitter were PISSED. The immediate reaction from locals was that of anger:

@roblowe fuck you, I hope someone robs you haha welcome to wonderful #winnipeg

— heatzar (@Mike Jonezzzz)

Hey Rob Lowe, if you're shooting a made4TV movie about casey anthony, you're in no position to mouth off at Winnipeg #tier5

— terrorsuspect (@Danish Anwar)

@russless Then Rob Lowe should get his California Ass out of here.

— 1248Jake (@RJM)

Can't believe the nerve on Rob Lowe calling the city of Winnipeg a 'hellhole'. That's reserved solely for the locals to say!!

— leilacee (@leila)

Rob Lowe can kiss my Winnipeg loving ass! #dumbass

— simmentalqueen (@Shelley MacKinnon)

@RobLowe Go fuck yourself. Why don't you leave this hell hole if it's so bad?

— SlappinMatty (@Matt Huston)

Hey @RobLowe ...Fuck you Sincerly Winnipeg

— Mitber14 (@Mitch)

If Mr. Rob Lowe only knew...us here in Winnipeg could care less if he was here or not!! So he can just leave

— kleurquin (@Karen Leurquin)

Shame on you Rob Lowe on your opinions on Winnipeg! Oh and your damage control doesn't fly.

— Ouiji1963 (@Lou A. Fracassi)

Rob Lowe can LITERARY leave #Winnipegisbeautiful

— rain0ne (@Adrian)

• So, actor Rob Lowe called Winnipeg a 'hellhole' !? #Asshole

— MiizzKriiss (@Miizz❤Kriiss)

Rob Lowe broke the cardinal rule. Don't mess with #Winnipeg!

— ahickman2 (@Adam Hickman)

Forced to watch another Rob Lowe movie #trappedinahellhole

— pjbryden (@bryden)

@RobLowe nice.....sorry you hate our city so much:(

— Kristincp (@Kristincp)

@RobLowe pretty sure ur a b star celebrity anyways, go back to where u came from dick!

— xocasser (@•casser♛bear•)

@RobLowe hey rob Lowe go fuck yourself #lovewinnipeg

— MichealPerister (@Mike Peristerakis)

Rob Lowe, not a fan of you and your dumb comments

— canucksgurl83 (@Kristin Evans)

#RobLowe, shooting a movie in Winnipeg, tweets he's trapped in a hellhole. Rob Lowe still gets hired to play in movies?

— DonnellyBruce (@Bruce Donnelly)

Rob Lowe called Winnipeg a "Hell Hole?" Boo. *hiss* Boo.

— candiikissed (@Rachel)

@ScottRintoul if Rob Lowe is too good for WPG why is stuck making movies there #directtodvd

— StevenStiller (@Steven Stiller)

RT @jagroopgill: Rob Lowe is a hell hole!

— KarenGill4 (@Karen Gill)

If @roblowe were an ice cream flavor he'd be pralines and dick. #trappedinahellhole #Winnipeg

— denim_dave (@Dave Sinclair)

Others agreed with his comment:

Why people mad that Rob Lowe called Winnipeg a hell hole? It is what it is...I love my city but get realistic folks. #EatADickUp

— sirknattar (@Kris aka TriniStylz)

Don't we all love to hate Winnipeg? Doesn't that make @roblowe just like the rest of us? #hellhole

— prestonius (@Preston Parsons)

Apparently Rob Lowe said he was #trappedinahellhole while visiting Winnipeg. This upset a few folks. Personally their in denial #truth #lmao

— emmyarra (@emily b. †)

I don't know why Rob Lowe gets flack for telling the truth about Winnipeg?

— hard131 (@hardeep singh)

Why people mad that Rob Lowe called Winnipeg a hell hole? It is what it is...I love my city but get realistic folks. #EatADickUp

— sirknattar (@Kris aka TriniStylz)

It's hilarious how people in Winnipeg think there's some appeal to their city. Rob Lowe was right on the money.

— morganathomas (@Morgan Thomas)

Rob Lowe awarded key to #Winnipeg for getting it right.

— paddyjoeboyle (@Patrick Boyle)

And others still felt sympathy for the actor:

@RobLowe Winnipeg you need to give Rob Lowe a break, often things are misunderstood!

— ycjmv (@Yan Joseph)

Can't believe this whole Rob Lowe thing actually made it onto the 6oclock news tonight. Get over it #Winnipeg #growup

— JenniferKL_ (@Jennifer L)

Poor Rob Lowe,says what everyone else in Canada is thinking and gets shit on for it.

— rxsheepxr (@Chris Peckford)

Don't worry Winnipeg, i'm sure Rob Lowe didn't mean it LITERALLY #trappedinahellhole #anneperkins

— Scott_Lloyd (@Scott Lloyd)

Oh poor Rob Lowe...you had no idea about Winnipeg pride. Outsiders just don't understand. #ilovewinnipeg

— NicMails (@Nichole Mailey)

But it was too late. The Canadian media had a field day with the story — and made great use of puns!

While Lowe never formally apologized (should he? for a stupid hashtag?), he did tweet a few complimentary things about the city and finally put the issue to rest with the following tweet:

The lesson? Think before you tweet about the city you’re in — if you’re a celebrity with millions of followers.

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