Why Vh1 Needs To Bring Back “Rock Of Love” Now That Bret Michaels Is Single

It’s a no-brainer.

1. For the contestants like Angelique,

ID: 476089

10. Ashley,

ID: 476641

15. And so many others:

ID: 476681

20. Big John

ID: 476128

21. Megan’s Mentally-Handicapped Dog

ID: 476123

23. Faces like these:

ID: 476140

37. The fact that his final eliminations looked like this

ID: 476189

38. How competitions always had revealing costumes

ID: 476132

40. Moments like these:

ID: 476114

57. The “Rock of Love” theme song

ID: 476975

58. Bret’s sense of style

ID: 477028

59. Rodeo’s Laugh

ID: 476090

60. Quotes like these:

ID: 476160

77. The fact that the girls lived on a BUS for an entire season

ID: 476878

78. When Brandi threw up

ID: 476240

79. This drinking game

ID: 476093

80. When Heather and Daisy got into a fight

ID: 476978

81. And the spin-off shows it spawned like “Daisy of Love”

ID: 476399

82. “Megan Wants A Millionaire”

ID: 476402

83. “I Love Money”

ID: 476466

84. And of course, “Charm School”

ID: 476421

85. Three seasons of “Rock of Love” were not enough! BRING IT BACK, VH1!

ID: 477082

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