Why Newsweek Used To Be Cool

To a high school senior in 2002, that is.

As a high school senior, my “Current Issues” class used issues of Newsweek instead of a textbook and I thought it was AWESOME. Here’s why, as told through examples from issues published in the fall of 2002.

ID: 647231

1. They predicted how the insides of our cars would change.

ID: 647062

2. They knew about Google Gogglges before there were Google Goggles

ID: 647067

3. Comics that are only funny during the week they are published, like this.

ID: 647072

4. And this.

ID: 647079

5. They cared about the beginning of reality TV as much as I did.

ID: 647081

6. They published snippets from The Onion.

ID: 647073

7. They encouraged the emerging generation of future YouTube stars.

ID: 647083

8. They introduced me to PETA …and Gisele.

…and puns in headlines.

ID: 647069

9. They pondered questions like these.

ID: 647070

10. They suggested people watch “Doug” and “Gilmore Girls,” which can’t be a bad thing.

ID: 647063

11. They covered cool, underground things like Kaiju Big Battle.

ID: 647075

12. They shared this very important picture of Venus and Serena Williams cooking at a McDonalds.

ID: 647086

13. They made me want to spent $499 on a Palm Pilot.

ID: 647077

14. They were “meh” about Harry Potter.

ID: 647068

15. They predicted good things for Al Gore.

ID: 647071

16. They did a huge feature on The Sims and online gaming.

ID: 647078

17. They explained the fall of Enron in a way I could understand.

ID: 647065

18. They introduced me to a new kind of exercise, perfect for my teenage angst.

ID: 647084

19. They warned us of the craze that would capture the heart of suburbia: Smart Cars.

ID: 647080

20. They taught me how to keep my inbox clean.

ID: 647082

21. They informed us of ways to kill time online.

ID: 647066

22. This story on Eminem being an up-and-coming actor.

ID: 647061

23. And this piece on Nelly.

What is he? Hardcore? Hip-hop? Pop? NELLY IS AN ENIGMA.

ID: 647074

24. They tried to convince us that the TSA wasn’t that bad. That’s cute.

ID: 647085

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