Whitney’s Favorite Buzz Of 2012

There was a lot of good buzz this year but I tried REALLY hard to pick my absolute favorite buzz.

1. Hanksy’s Marty McFly

Also the Will Ferrell cats, Ted Dancin’, Ryan Gosling Drive (thru) and, well, all of them.

ID: 767990

2. 40 Glorious Routines From The 1988 Aerobic Championships

Probably the most fun I’ve ever had making GIFs ever.

ID: 767989

3. Macaulay Culkin’s art

ID: 768098

4. Coco spilling wine on a baby

ID: 768107

5. Lil Bub’s day at the office

ID: 768066

6. Remembering what the “Boy Meets World” theme song was like in the first season

It was soooo stereotypically ’90s.

ID: 768077

7. Discovering what Angela from “Boy Meets World” looks like today

ID: 780608

8. and what Lisa Turtle looks like today

ID: 780609

9. Aaron Paul on “The Price Is Right”

It was both wonderful and tragic.

ID: 768057

10. Lady Gaga in Amsterdam

ID: 768055

11. 31 Dogs Who Are Totally Stoned Right Now

In Colorado they definitely are right now.

ID: 767972

12. The Cute List and Fab or Drab?

As seen on BuzzFeed Animals and BuzzFeed Celeb, respectively. Check them out (if you haven’t already) but just know that they are HUGE time-wasters.

ID: 780863

13. James Frano as Kevin Federline

I mean, really.

ID: 767967

14. Justin Timberlake doing child pageants

Watch him twirl. Oh, and Rubbable GIFs!

ID: 768045

15. 20 Dated Celebrity Endorsements From Over A Decade Ago

ID: 780880

16. Liz & Dick

ID: 768074

17. Honey Boo Boo in Los Angeles

Between the cupcake machine and the dinner, it was quite the trip.

ID: 768161

18. The people you need to unfriend on Facebook immediately

Click here to check.

ID: 780613

19. That time I spent hours looking for every song Ryan Gosling ever sang.

See complete list here.

ID: 767953

20. Demi Lovato’s Eyebrows On The “X Factor”

They grew like crazy.

ID: 768048

21. Harry Styles trying to be sly about looking at Taylor Swift’s butt

Sorry but it’s true.

ID: 768040

22. This twitter update

ID: 768092

23. Soooo many drunk celebrities

So many of them.

ID: 768118

24. Guessing the frosted tips

ID: 768095

25. The resurgence of Lisa Frank

I bought a lot of stickers from my childhood.

ID: 768071

26. Kate Middleton as Beyonce

Bless John Gara’s photoshop skills.

ID: 768170

27. Miserable Mercy (RIP)

Kim Kardashian’s poor cat never stood a chance.

ID: 768080

28. The “Wet Hot American Summer” reunion

ID: 768179

29. Asking Lance Bass about things he said when he was dating Topanga and still in N Sync

He was so game for it.

ID: 768084

30. Learning how much James Van Der Beek hates IMDb

Read his story here.

ID: 780896

31. Amanda Bynes smoking weed in her car

Truly one of TMZ’s finest stories.

ID: 768165

32. This Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth face swap

ID: 768114

33. The Choice Hotties Of 1999

ID: 780881

34. The best damn parody of “The Bachelor” that ever was

Burning Love will return for a second season soon so keep them eyes peeled for it!

ID: 780619

35. This completely unnecessary list of David Silver clips

Because Megan Fox HAD TO KNOW.

ID: 767965

36. Tina Fey and her daughter Alice’s eye-roll

ID: 780629

37. Stumbling upon the “Lord” Scott Disick fandom

ID: 780612

38. Michelle Duggar’s old hair

She cut it. Rude, I know.

ID: 768054

39. The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History

I see you, Extreme Virgins.

ID: 780883

40. JLo’s male body double

ID: 768124

41. When Big Ang visited BuzzFeed

ID: 768137

42. The ’90s kid problems meme

ID: 780614

43. The faces Britney Spears made on X Factor:

ID: 780906

And that tiny clap.

ID: 780910

44. EVERYTHING about Arrested Development’s return

Like these faux NES consoles. And the fan art. And all of the photos that have been leaked from the new set. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S HAPPENING!!

ID: 780627

45. Ikea Monkey

ID: 780838

46. How Mario Lopez trims his Christmas tree

ID: 768131

47. Chavril

ID: 780616

48. Tan Mom

ID: 780630

49. This GIF of Obama

Made by BuzzFeed’s own Chris Ritter!

ID: 768049

50. and this girl.

Because she is my spirit animal. Good buzz, everybody!

ID: 768068

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