Tyra Banks Learned How To Make GIFs

This can’t be a good thing.

At first I don’t think she really understood what to do.

ID: 510138

Is that the word “bye”? Not the point, Ty.

ID: 510548

This one just seems lazy.

ID: 510592

Tyra, you look good! But again, wrong!

ID: 510116

Okay, seems like you’re getting closer… the coffee and your fingers don’t look exactly right but it’s better.

ID: 510511

Your eyes are a little wonky but you’re getting closer…

ID: 510144

Hey that’s almost right!

ID: 510115

Yes! Now you’ve got it.

ID: 510114

Ahh! But yes.

ID: 510128


ID: 510541


ID: 510540

Wait, what? Okay. I guess this is “artsy”?

ID: 510510

Congrats, Tyra. You are officially a GIF-master.

ID: 510530

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