11 Things Lindsay Lohan Said To Oprah That We Don’t Necessarily Believe

She’s only done cocaine “ten to fifteen” times? Sure, Lindsay. Sure. (We love you anyway.)

1. On injecting things into her body:

ID: 1526125

2. On her drug of choice:

ID: 1526201

3. On cocaine:

ID: 1526225

4. On whether or not she enjoys cocaine:

ID: 1526245

5. On her plans to go to Europe that she later canceled:

ID: 1526360

6. On being addicted to chaos:

ID: 1526187

7. On therapy:

ID: 1526136

8. On how she changed while in rehab:

ID: 1526574

9. On the phone call to father about her mom being on cocaine (which he then recorded and sold to TMZ):

ID: 1526322

10. On how finding her inner peace is something nobody cares about:

ID: 1526620

11. On whether or not she’ll be partying anymore:

ID: 1526580

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