The Week In Television, In Animated Gifs

Is it just us, or has television had more than its fair share of water-cooler moments this week?

1. Lana Del Ray Played “Saturday Night Live”

[watch clip]

ID: 84997

2. Daniel Radcliffe Dressed Up Like Casey Anthony’s Dog

[watch clip]

ID: 85326

3. Ricky Gervais Hosted The Golden Globes

[watch clip]

ID: 86478

4. Wendy Williams Campaigned To “Save The Twinkie”

[watch clip]

ID: 85269

5. Carrie Brownstein Dated Some Dudes With Bad Tattoos

ID: 85369

6. A Girl Fainted On “The Bachelor”

[watch clip]

ID: 85318

7. Paula Deen Announced That She Has Type 2 Diabetes

“People see me cooking all of these wonderful Southern, fattening dishes, but that’s only… six times five [is] thirty! That’s only 30 days out of 365.”

[watch clip]

ID: 85102

8. Paul Rudd Became “Bobby Newport”

[watch clip]

ID: 86361

9. Kim Richards Was A Hot Mess

ID: 85008

10. …A Sad, “Can’t Find My Stash” Kind Of Hot Mess

[watch clip]

ID: 85013

11. Marianne Gingrich Shared That Her Ex, Newt, Wanted An Open Marriage

[watch clip]

ID: 85497

12. Steven Tyler Returned To “American Idol”

True fact: he is saying the words “I am moist.” This is why I don’t watch “American Idol.”

[watch clip]

ID: 85696

13. Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart Made A Mockery Of “Non-Coordination”

[watch clip]

ID: 85768

14. Kim Kardashian Cried Over Her Marriage For The Cameras

“I have not been happy.”

[watch clip]

ID: 85743

15. Burt Reynolds Became Animated On “Archer”

ID: 86459

16. A Miniature Nicki Minaj Appeared On “Toddlers & Tiaras”

[watch clip]

ID: 85038

17. Blair Waldorf Had A Religious Experience On “Gossip Girl”

[watch clip]

ID: 85420

18. Michael Fassbender Pointed To His Naughty Bits On Letterman

He wasn’t actually telling a story about his penis, but I prefer to pretend that he was.

[watch clip]

ID: 85493

19. The “Rosie” Show Got A Smaller Studio

She sure looks thrilled about it.

[watch clip]

ID: 85389

20. V-Neck T-Shirt Addictions Became A Real Affliction

[watch clip]

ID: 85702

21. Niecy Nash Went Farming On “Wife Swap”

[watch clip]

ID: 85003

22. A Toddler Dropped The F-Bomb On “Modern Family”

[watch clip]

ID: 85538

23. Ellen Degeneres And Sofia Vergara Had Fun With Makeup

[watch clip]

ID: 85263

24. Glenn Beck Endorsed A Fancy Shoe For President

“If this were the nominee, I would push for this to be our next president. SHOE over Barack Obama.”

[watch clip]

ID: 85675

25. Nene Leaks Showed Up On “Glee,” Threatened To Kill Students

“I will kill you.” Okay, then!

[watch clip]

ID: 85024

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