The Choice Hotties Of 1999

Ryan Gosling, Jude Law, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matt Damon, Usher: a handful of these guys can still be classified as heartthrobs. Others, such as Carson Daly, Fred Durst, Sisqo, Brendan Fraser, and the like… perhaps not so much.

More findings from my time spent scanning my old teen mags.

ID: 72480

2. Ryan Gosling

Teen Magazine

“Who’s That Babe?” …something that would never be uttered in 2012.

ID: 72309

3. Joseph-Gordon Levitt

Teen Magazine

ID: 72329

4. Jude Law

Teen Magazine

ID: 72331

5. Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone

Teen Magazine

Why does JT have two pairs of pants on, again?

ID: 72486

6. Matt Damon

Teen Magazine

“Hottest Rising Star”

ID: 72271

7. Jason Schwartzman

And the boys of Phantom Planet, Teen Magazine

“Cute band alert! Cute band alert!”

ID: 72352

8. Sisqo

Seventeen Magazine

Hey, remember Dru Hill?

ID: 72346

9. James Van Der Beek

Seventeen Magazine

ID: 72293

10. Barry Watson

Us Weekly

ID: 72254

11. Elijah Wood

Teen Magazine

ID: 72300

12. Andrew Keegan and Rider Strong

Teen Magazine

Bonus appearances by the future Mrs. Timberlake, Jessica Biel, and Trina McGee-Davis, aka Angela on “Boy Meets World.”

ID: 72365

13. Joshua Jackson

Seventeen Magazine

ID: 72322

14. Leonardo DiCaprio

People Magazine

ID: 72492

15. Devon Sawa

Teen Magazine

ID: 72333

16. Fred Durst

Teen Magazine

Also, Kid Rock? Really?

ID: 72261

17. Jon Stewart

Us Weekly

ID: 72268

18. Tobey Maguire

Teen Magazine

ID: 72343

19. Hayden Christensen

Seventeen Magazine

“Your next crush”

ID: 72355

20. Usher

Teen Magazine

ID: 72334

21. Jonathan Jackson

Teen Magazine

ID: 72327

22. Ethan Embry

Teen Magazine

ID: 72294

23. Brendan Fraser

Us Weekly

Remember “George Of The Jungle” and George’s romance with Leslie Mann?

ID: 72257

24. Savage Garden

ID: 72482

25. Jason Segel

Teen Magazine

I like that they had enough gumption to recognize Segel as a burgeoning star, but not enough resources to find any picture of him besides the “Freaks and Geeks” cast photo.

ID: 72370

26. Jeremy Piven

Us Weekly

Remember “Cupid?”

ID: 72350

27. David Lascher

Teen Magazine

“Who’s that babe? Oh, just Ted from ‘Hey Dude’…”

ID: 72375

28. Carson Daly

Teen Magazine

(Okay, this one is from 2000 but included for the absurdity factor)

ID: 72361

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