The Best Reactions To North Carolina’s Gay Marriage Ban On Twitter

Just in case you were looking for the right tweet to retweet onto your feed that will perfectly summarize your rage towards North Carolina.

North Carolina... I'm sorry, but you're up for elimination.

— RuPaulsDragRace (@RuPaul's Drag Race)

North Carolina, I spit in your general direction.

— MatthewLillard (@matthew lillard)

Oh North Carolina - the disappointment we feel now is nothing compared to the bewilderment & shame your children will feel

— MiaFarrow (@mia farrow)

If I ever find myself in North Carolina I shall marry a man just to feel safe.

— rustyrockets (@Russell Brand)

Wow North Carolina, wow. What a sad day when you tell the world you are active and blatant persecutors of civil rights, equality and love.

— Alancumming (@Alan Cumming)

#NC #NationsCloset

— marcmaron (@marc maron)

Really disappointed in my home state of North Carolina this evening. One giant step backward.

— BrooklynDecker (@Brooklyn Decker)

If twitter is accurate, North Carolina passed a law that they are assholes.

— EugeneMirman (@Eugene Mirman)

So f$&%ing lame, North Carolina. #tonsofgreatfolkstherethough

— st_vincent (@st vincent)

Now that North Carolina has banned gay marriage, it's going to take a harder look at electricity and soap.

— BorowitzReport (@Andy Borowitz)

MUST READ: North Carolina Weighs Ban on Electricity, Soap:

— BorowitzReport (@Andy Borowitz)

Now that religious conservatives in N. Carolina have "saved" marriage, they can go back to forgetting that their uncle grabbed their balls.

— DanaJGould (@Dana Gould)

In North Carolina's defense, New York just voted to outlaw Shoney's.

— billyeichner (@billy eichner)

"Good for you, North Carolina," pretended John Travolta

— andylevy (@Andy Levy)

Sad to hear that Amendment 1 passed in North Carolina. Love is love! Period the end! #MarriageEquality

— torianddean (@Tori Spelling)

Young people of North Carolina, just move away. Then move back when they're dead.

— croninwhocares (@Dan Cronin)

Apparently there is a new addition to this list.... #northcarolina

— samantharonson (@samantha ronson)

"North Carolina's laws are compatible with the laws of nature but, more importantly, with the laws of God." Let's eat our young & plague!

— mrmattwalsh (@matt walsh)

On the bright side you don't have to put an Instagram filter over photos of North Carolina anymore to make it look like the 1800's

— DamienFahey (@Damien Fahey)

North Carolina you're going to miss out on some fabulous weddings...

— LoniLove (@Loni Love)

I'm embarrassed for you, North Carolina.

— danjlevy (@dan levy)

20 years from now, "NC: illegal for gays to marry" will appear next to "TN: illegal for frogs to croak after 11pm" in a bathroom reader.

— maxsilvestri (@Max Silvestri)

Don't know what to say about NC. Political pandering at it's finest? It is demoralizing....but only momentarily.

— GarretDillahunt (@Garret Dillahunt)

North Carolina - Shame on you - sad, sad, sad

— CarolineManzo (@Caroline Manzo )

The US has an appalling record of protecting minority groups. The NC ban on gay marriage & domestic partnerships is our latest black eye

— TheOnlyDJQualls (@DJ Qualls)

I'm in. #Equality RT @AndySwift: Brooke Davis would have fought against this nonsense in North Carolina -- and she probably would have won.

— SophiaBush (@Sophia Bush)

N Carolina banned gay marriage today. It makes me so very angry. To those who voted for it, fuck you.

— boburnham (@Bo Burnham)

This isn't a matter of public opinion. Gay teens are killing themselves because of the ideas you're encouraging with this. Shame on you.

— boburnham (@Bo Burnham)

What do North Carolina voters and Christina Aguilera's shorts have in common? Both are uptight. #imhereallweek

— MichaelAusiello (@Michael Ausiello)

Britney Spears can legally marry her high school friend as a joke, but gay couples in North Carolina can't marry for love. Not cool.

— JennyJohnsonHi5 (@Jenny Johnson)

Hey, North Carolina, you made me less proud to be an American today. Thank you for that. #whatyearisit?

— williamryankey (@Ryan from Yellowcard)

It's okay, North Carolina. We'll let you re-apply for citizenship in civilization again soon.

— alexblagg (@Alex Blagg)

Or you can do as we will do in North Carolina & roll up your sleeves, & know that their hateful efforts are an attempt to hold back the sea.

— mountain_goats (@The Mountain Goats)

NC voted against gay marriage We can't educate our children or create jobs! But hey at least now 2 dudes can't get married in NC #TeamDl

— RealDlHughley (@DL Hughley)

North Carolina, really???

— EricStangel (@Eric Stangel)

The Weather Channel has confirmed there will be no more rainbows over North Carolina #anotherheterodrearyday

— peoplesrev (@Kelly Cutrone)

North Carolina - NC= Not Conscious

— peoplesrev (@Kelly Cutrone)

North Carolina= No Culture

— peoplesrev (@Kelly Cutrone)

North Carolina is totally gay for hate.

— mileskahn (@mileskahn)

Send the Avengers to North Carolina.

— nanglish (@Christine Nangle)

Let's work on creating more LOVE and less hate, please... I'm talking to you, North Carolina... :(

— autumnreeser (@Autumn Reeser)

Very disappointed in North Carolina. How on earth does what other people do in the privacy of their own homes affect you? #rightsforeveryone

— ChrisWarcraft (@Chris Kluwe)

All I'm gonna say is, if you judge the worth of your marriage based on what other people do in theirs, you're not doing it right.

— ChrisWarcraft (@Chris Kluwe)

BREAKING: North Carolina proves that ignorance and hatefulness can be legislated. Sad.

— andrewzimmern (@Andrew Zimmern)

Sad night for equality, freedom, common sense and democracy in America. See the results in NC and IN. "Weeping may endure for a night...

— donnabrazile (@Donna Brazile)

Tonight the voters of NC bravely threw themselves under the steamroller of history.

— Andy_Richter (@Andy Richter)

Pretty bummed out by NC. You guys are better than that! We know it!

— headandtheheart (@The Head & The Heart)

I basically just see the NC thing as a decisive vote to embarrass future generations when they think about what we used to be like.

— gabedelahaye (@Gabe Delahaye)

Dear bigots in North Carolina:

— wilw (@Wil Wheaton)

I ran out of fucks to give about who can get married a long time ago. How about: two people who love each other. Bam. Easy. Nailed it.

— wilw (@Wil Wheaton)

I was just told to "move to Iran." Seriously. That is a real thing that actually happened. #SlowClap

— wilw (@Wil Wheaton)

And I am apparently not allowed to have an opinion on the NC vote, because 1) I am from California and 2) I am an actor. #wingnutlogic

— wilw (@Wil Wheaton)

hollywood withdraw your productions from NC!

— TheRealRoseanne (@Roseanne Barr)

Dear North Carolina, Dumbledore does not approve.

— Lord_Voldemort7 (@The Dark Lord)


— feministhulk (@FEMINIST HULK)

Very disappointing, North Carolina. Especially since you've been South Carolina's lawfully wedded top since 1789.

— TheTweetOfGod (@God)

Too bad #NC, too bad.

— 1jamiebell (@Jamie Bell)

Just like old times. Much has happened, little has changed. #NC #Votegainst

— 1jamiebell (@Jamie Bell)

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