The 6 Weirdest Suitors On Last Night’s Premiere Of "The Bachelorette"

I mean, some dude actually dressed up like an old lady only to reveal himself as a regular bro later. A classic Tobais Funke move.

To recap the video above, let’s rank the guys in order of cringeworthiness:

ID: 296214

1. The Skater Guy

ID: 296229

2. The Dancing Guy

ID: 296262

3. The “Seduction By Glasses” Guy

ID: 296253

4. The “Literally Trying To Be Prince Charming” Guy

ID: 296275

5. The “I Will Take Care Of This Egg Like I Would Take Care Of You And Your Daughter” Guy

ID: 296269

6. The “Tricked Ya! I’m Not An Old Lady” Guy

“Hello, dearie! I am Mrs. Featherbottom and do I have a boyfriend for YOU!”

ID: 296210

Emily’s face is that of polite confusion.

ID: 296163

This guy obviously wins grand prize for “Ways To Creep Out A Woman Upon Meeting Her For The First Time” and for that, we commend you, buddy.

ID: 296188

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