Rub These Memorable VMA Moments

What’s even more fun than VMA GIFs? Rubbable ones.

Madonna performs her iconic “Like A Virgin” appearance (1984)

ID: 555712

Moonmen in space!

ID: 555334

Cher forgets sto wear pants during her “If I Could Turn Back Time” performance (1989)

ID: 555735

Nirvana plays “Lithium” at the VMA’s (1992)

ID: 555552

Howard Stern shows off his “Ass Man” super powers to Luke Perry (1992)

ID: 555469

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley kiss (1994)

ID: 555332

The Beastie Boys crash R.E.M.’s award acceptance (1994)

ID: 555500

Fiona Apple gives her “this world is BULLSHIT!” speech (1996)

ID: 555322

Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey show up to the VMAs in the same dress (1998)

ID: 556286

Britney Spears performs with N Sync (1999)

ID: 555698

Diana Ross and Lil Kim’s decorated boob (1999)

ID: 555261

Eminem and his army of clones (2000)

ID: 555653

Rage Against The Machine’s Bassist crashes Limp Bizkit’s acceptance speech (2000)

ID: 555558

Britney and Madonna kiss (2003)

ID: 554749

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift’s speech (2009)

ID: 555586

Janet Jackson’s tribute to Michael (2010)

ID: 555433

Lady Gaga performs an undead version of “Paparazzi” (2011)

ID: 554740

Beyoncé announces her pregnancy (2011)

ID: 554743

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