Proof That Ryan Gosling Looks Extremely Good In Glasses

As if you didn’t already know.

This morning, Warby Parker pointed out that Ryan Gosling’s new frames happened to be their own:

Well, why not see what he’d look like in other Warby Parker frames?

3. Here’s what we found:

Style: The Chandler

Style: The Neville

Style: The Winston

Style: The Wiloughby

Style: The Preston

Style: The Huxley

11. The conclusion?

Style: The Bensen

12. Ryan Gosling looks amazing in glasses.

Style: The Ainsworth

13. Even a bright blue pair.

Style: The Roosevelt


15. But then again — we already knew that.

Original image via Getty Images/Kevin Winter, all mock-ups created via Warby Parker’s virtual try-on.

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