Watch The Premiere Episode Of Michael Showalter’s “American Viral”

See the new series about a family’s attempts to recapture their 15 minutes of YouTube infamy exclusively on BuzzFeed.

1. American Viral is a new web series that tells a tale as old as time:

Thundershorts /

2. “Man uploads a clip of son getting hit in the nuts on YouTube, goes viral, becomes obsessed with finding their next online success.”

Thundershorts /

3. Their rise to fame went a little something like this:

Thundershorts /

4. The first episode of American Viral catches up with the Busk family on the three-year anniversary of their viral hit and is titled “Epic Balls.”

Thundershorts /

5. (You can see why.) Watch the episode below:

6. American Viral premieres tomorrow, June 26th on Thundershorts.

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