The 54 Most Iconic Moments In Five Years Of “Watch What Happens Live”

Happy anniversary to the late-night talk show of our dreams.

1. The time Lea Michele found out that a guy paid $300 for a lock of her hair on eBay.

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2. When Oprah proclaimed the word “breasteses!” in the clubhouse.

ID: 3405689

3. When Lady Gaga talked about swimming in the “lady pond.”

ID: 3404581

4. When Seth Rogen discussed the people he’s smoked weed with…

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ID: 3404655

…and how that list doesn’t include James Franco because he DOESN’T SMOKE.

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ID: 3404660

5. When Whoopi taught the clubhouse how to roll the perfect joint.

ID: 3404912

6. The time Cee Lo Green complimented Big Ang’s rack.

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ID: 3404626

7. When Jon Hamm and Andy had this exchange:

ID: 3406200

8. When Lindsay Lohan had her Housewives tagline ready to deliver.

ID: 3405004

9. The time Tina Fey got drunk and revealed the worst host of SNL that she ever worked with:

ID: 3405963

10. When Snooki so bluntly explained the source of her urinary tract infection:

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ID: 3406511

11. When Naomi Campbell demonstrated the proper way to take a selfie.

ID: 3405341

12. When Andy asked Mike Tyson this:

ID: 3405243

13. The time Joe Manganiello and Peter Facinelli looked stupid hot ripping apart stuffed animals and underwear.

ID: 3405044

14. When Bruce Jenner and Amy Sedaris used Shake Weights.

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ID: 3404820

15. When Jennifer Lopez talked about other celebrity butts.

ID: 3405269

16. The time Connie Chung and Maury Povich acted out an episode of Maury.

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ID: 3404639

17. When Kenan Thompson sang the All That theme song.

ID: 3405999

18. The time Hoda Kotb was mortified by the game “Hoda Lay He Who?”

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ID: 3406160

19. When Taylor Schilling debunked rumors of a romance with Zac Efron.

ID: 3404533

20. When Shannen Doherty choked Andy.

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ID: 3404598

21. When Erica Kane slapped Andy.

ID: 3405640

22. The time Andy got Susan Sarandon to talk about how high she is all the time.

ID: 3407396

23. The time Cher had a laugh about her shady Madonna tweet.

ID: 3406249

24. When Mariah Carey was a diva.

ID: 3405712

25. When Rachel Zoe didn’t know what March Madness was.

ID: 3405372

26. The time Kylie Minogue and Elijah Wood reenacted Lord Of The Rings fan fiction.

ID: 3405802

27. When Billy Eichner got to meet his hero Meryl Streep.

ID: 3406364

28. The time Mark Ruffalo talked about kissing Matt Bomer.

ID: 3407374

29. The time Andy crushed a bottle on Sarah Silverman’s crotch.

ID: 3406224

30. When Ian Somerhalder described what James Vanderbeek’s lips tasted like while filming The Rules of Attraction.

ID: 3405085

31. When Shaq did this.

ID: 3406209

32. The time Sweet Brown showed up at the clubhouse.

ID: 3405288

33. RuPaul’s Housewives tagline.

ID: 3407407

34. When Jeremy Sisto didn’t know what “a Monet” was and Donald Faison had to to tell him.

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ID: 3404794

35. When Rosie O’Donnell blew the lid off the secret lesbian parties she went to in the ’90s.

ID: 3407499

36. When Julie Andrews reacted to being on the show in the most perfect way.

ID: 3407639

37. When Andy explained to John Stamos how most adults watch Full House.

ID: 3407931

38. The time Andy Cohen gifted Mama Joyce with an Obama vibrator.

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ID: 3406118

39. When Henry Winkler participated in the “Winkler Games.”

ID: 3407313

40. The time Connie Britton let Andy touch her gorgeous hair.

ID: 3406300

41. Kim Zolciak’s classsic performance of “Google Me.”

ID: 3405303

42. When Tracy Morgan did his signature move.

ID: 3407955

43. The time J-Woww gave James Frey the “Jersey Turnpike.”

ID: 3407799

44. When Leah Remini let Andy slap her ass.

ID: 3407388

45. When Lil’ Kim shaded Nicki Minaj.

ID: 3407380

46. When Jessica Walter did the Lucille Bluth wink.

ID: 3407774

47. The time Ciara tried to teach Andy how to twerk.

ID: 3407419

48. When Anderson Cooper said this:

ID: 3407355

49. When Wanda Sykes said this about Beyoncé and Jay Z.

ID: 3407513

50. The time Tamra Barney showed Andy her goods.

ID: 3406323

51. The time Andy introduced Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem” (and you could tell that she hated it).

ID: 3407556

52. Amy Schumer’s Housewives tagline.

ID: 3407743

53. When Martha Stewart took a shot from the shot-ski.

ID: 3407730

54. And finally: every single time Nene Leakes was on the show.

ID: 3407302


ID: 3408078

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