11 Moments From Lady Gaga’s Nude Marina Abramovic Study, Ranked By Chillness

From chillest to most unchill. Again, Lady Gaga gets naked in this, so consider this your NSFW warning.

1. Relaxing with crystals: the ultimate chillness.

2. Deep breathing: super chill.

3. Flowing river: very chill.

4. Sitting in stools inside of a river with Marina Abramovic: both chill AND super hip.

5. Wrapping yourself around a womb-like rock: comfy and chill.

6. Breathing with a yellow thing on your face: pretty chill.

7. Making your head look like a turtle: pretty unchill.

8. Walking around naked with your hands in the air: zombie chill.

9. Rocking back and forth: Girl Interrupted chill (so: not very chill).

10. Looking like you’re dry-heaving in the middle of the woods: unchill.

11. Waking up and staring at the camera so that it feels like Lady Gaga is PEERING INTO YOUR SOUL: NOT CHILL AT ALL!

More on the project…

Video available at:

But what, exactly, is the Abramovic Method? Per her website:

“The Abramovic Method is Abramovic’s adaptation of her Cleaning the House workshops for the general public. The method helps participants to develop skills for observing long durational performances through a series of exercises and environments designed to increase awareness of their physical and mental experience in the moment. “

h/t: BuzzFeed user Justina12.

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