James Franco Dyed His Hair Super Blonde

So blond, it almost looks like Sun-in. Upgrade?

1. It looked great outside at the Daytona 500:

Jerry Markland / Getty Images
ID: 939694
Jerry Markland / Getty Images
ID: 939693

3. It looked great inside the Daytona 500, too:

Terry Renna / AP
ID: 939861
ID: 939863

5. And it looked good at the photocall for “Oz the Great and Powerful” in Moscow, Russia:

Misha Japaridze / AP
ID: 939859

6. And it says a lot when your hair looks great between Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams:

Misha Japaridze / AP
ID: 939860

7. It even looks pretty good in the crazy selfies he takes:

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ID: 939726

9. Say goodbye to the old, brown-haired Franco:

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
ID: 939934

10. And say hello to the new Franco:

Jerry Markland / Getty Images

This has been a James Franco Hair Update.

ID: 939862

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