Hold The Phone: Aviva And Fran Drescher Are Related?!

Yup, they’re second cousins!

1. You may know Aviva Dresher from her charity work.

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2. But more likely, you know her as one of the Real Housewives Of New York City.

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3. But did you know… that Aviva Drescher is related to FRAN DRESCHER!?

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4. Yes, THAT Fran Drescher.

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5. How can this be? Well, you see: Aviva married Reid Drescher, who is in blood relation to Fran. It’s actually quite simple.

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6. But did you know that Fran shot scenes for the Real Housewives that were EDITED OUT?

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7. It’s true! Aviva believes it’s because Fran didn’t supply “enough drama,” which actually makes sense.

Aviva speculated about why she was cut from the show to Rumor Fix: “Fran allowed the Bravo cameras to shoot us all at one of her book signings. Maybe it didn’t have enough drama? She was a terrific sport. It was a fun and happy family scene.”

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8. And it doesn’t even matter! Because they’re IRL friends.

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9. And Bravo should just give Fran her own reality show, anyways.

Eh? Eh?

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10. In conclusion,

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