Your Guide To The Beef Between Justin Timberlake And Kanye West

A quick guide to this very silly feud.

1. Feb. 10: Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z perform their new single — “Suit & Tie” — at the Grammys and bring down the house.

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2. (This time last year, Jay-Z and KANYE were ruling airwaves with the release of “Otis” and “N****s in Paris.”)

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3. Feb. 23: Kanye goes on a rant during a show in London.

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(Video here.)

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4. March 9: Justin Timberlake changes the words in “Suit & Tie” as a response to Kanye.

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5. March 11: Jimmy Fallon asks JT if he “changed one of the lyrics” during his performance.

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