10 Facts About Mayonnaise According To Honey Boo Boo’s Family

Incredibly true facts. (Those are TLC’s original subtitles, by the way.)

1. It’s yummy.

ID: 787404

2. It jiggles.

ID: 787338

3. It’s pretty.

ID: 787372

4. It’s just like ketchup, but white.

ID: 787287

5. It will make your flesh crawl.

ID: 787334

6. It’s something you put on a sammich.

ID: 787361

7. Vegetarians can’t eat it.

ID: 787241

8. There isn’t any meat in it.

ID: 787234

9. Mama June really, really hates it…

ID: 787323

10. …and Honey Boo Boo absolutely loves it.

ID: 787356

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