12 Things To Know About Drew Barrymore’s Wine

There’s more to Barrymore Wine than meets the eye. Or is there?

1. Barrymore Wines was created to honor Drew’s family.

ID: 810459

2. It’s “fresh, dynamic, and fun” Pinot Grigio.

Just like Drew is, GET IT??

ID: 810460

3. It will keep you company when you’re alone at a bar.

ID: 810484

4. Chelsea Handler likes it.

Or she at least faked it.

ID: 810549

5. It likes ice.

ID: 810505

6. It will tell you that it’s actually Drew Barrymore, but really it’s just a bottle of wine with a sense of humor.

ID: 810503

7. It will make you visit a vineyard without any shoes on.

ID: 810516

8. It’s dangerous.

ID: 810532

9. It’s relaxing.

ID: 810488

10. It’s delish.

ID: 810518

11. It will make you laugh.

ID: 810537

12. It goes great with pumpkins!!

ID: 810483

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