Dissecting The 2012 VMA Seating Chart

We got a tour of the Staples Center in Los Angeles today and with it, a look at who’s sitting where on Thursday. Here’s which pairings make sense and those that really don’t.

1. Makes sense: Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones, Mac Miller and Childish Gambino

Andrew Gauthier

Not only are they starring in the same movie — Celeste and Jesse Forever — but they will present an award together at the VMA’s this year. The Donald Glover/NBC comedy connection makes perfect sense for him to be sitting close to these two. Also, Mac Miller and Donald Glover appeared on Hip Hop Squares together.

ID: 562105

2. Makes no sense: Dwight Howard and Skrillex

Andrew Gauthier

What could these two possibly have to talk about? Also, Emma Watson behind Skrillex? Oooohkay.

ID: 562093

3. Makes sense: Rihanna and Katy Perry

Andrew Gauthier

They’re BFF’s, duh!

ID: 562089

4. Makes no sense: Miley Cyrus next to A$AP Rocky

Andrew Gauthier

I guess because Miley has an “alternative” haircut?

ID: 562082

5. Makes sense: Rebel Wilson next to Tyler The Creator

Andrew Gauthier

Something tells us the two will become fast friends.

ID: 562133

6. Makes sense: Nash, Louise Roe, and Chord Overstreet

Andrew Gauthier

Three people I have never heard of before. (Okay, I think the last guy is from Glee?)

ID: 562118

7. Makes no sense: Frank Ocean and Green Day

Andrew Gauthier

Green Day shout-scream their punk rock songs while Frank’s crooning is smooth as hell.

ID: 562128

8. Makes (almost) no sense: the “Awkward” and “Jersey Shore” casts

Andrew Gauthier

Sure, they’re both MTV shows but they have nothing in common. Plus, one is cancelled and one is not.

ID: 562111

9. Makes no sense: Lil Wayne and Taylor Swift

Andrew Gauthier

…But I would love to see her bring Connor Kennedy as her date.

ID: 562106

10. Makes sense: Katy Perry and Drake, Demi Lovato and Ke$ha

Whitney Jefferson

They’re all pals, right?

ID: 562183

11. Makes no sense: Tyler The Creator seated in front of the Olympic USA gymnastics team

Andrew Gauthier
ID: 562135

12. Makes Sense: Andy Samberg and Gotye

Andrew Gauthier

Remember this?

ID: 562094
ID: 562138

14. Makes no sense: Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin behind Chris Brown

Whitney Jefferson

Watch out, Missy!

ID: 562140

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