Did Katy Perry Steal Sara Bareilles’ Song?

It’s possible! Here’s all the evidence we have.

1. Here’s Katy Perry’s new song, “Roar.”

ID: 1501753

2. And this is Sara Bareilles’ song, “Brave.”

ID: 1501744

3. Notice any similarities?

ID: 1501755

4. Now listen to the two tracks layered over each other:

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ID: 1501783

5. The similarities cannot be ignored. So what’s the deal, Katy?

ID: 1501805

6. Back in May, Katy Perry tweeted her love of Bareilles’ song.

ID: 1501734

7. And here are the two hanging out in December 2012.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images
ID: 1501837

8. So maybe it was a respectful, subconscious theft on Perry’s part.

ID: 1501785

9. But still, why didn’t anyone in Perry’s camp realize the similarities in the singles?

ID: 1501852

10. In the end, Sara doesn’t seem too upset about the whole ordeal.

ID: 1501861

11. She was actually really, really cool about it:

ID: 1501739

12. Advantage? Bareilles.

ID: 1501869

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