Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Burns $100K Handbag For Fun, Internet Gets Angry

Francesca Eastwood — daughter of Clint Eastwood and current reality star — is said to be receiving death threats after she was photographed by her boyfriend Tyler Shields destroying and burning a Birkin bag valued at over $100,000. Does she deserve the downpour of hate coming her way?

On his blog, Tyler wrote the following:

For the people who don’t know a Birkin is the most sought after bag in the entire world there is a waiting list and some of them can run upwards of $100,000. This is the red Crocodile Birkin VS the red $200 chainsaw and 4 dollars of gasoline!

Destruction is a beautiful version of freedom…

Would you want this bag?

Are you sad to see me destroy it?

The reactions in the comments of his blog range from “This isn’t art, this is a narcisstic show of your own excesses” to “fucking spoiled rich fuckers have NO clue what it is to make a dollar.” There were also many critiques of Shield’s skills as a photographer, like “I can take a better pic with my cell phone” and “the central composition is boring and with that boosted contrast it looks like a myspace picture i took in high school LOLOLOLOLOL, what a fuckin waste.”

But let’s take a look at some of the heat Francesca is taking on Twitter:

Some people were a bit more sensical about the issue:

And then, there are some people who loved it:

Obviously, this is all a ploy for attention and for people to tune into the Eastwood reality show. Still, people are worked up about it and at the end of the day, this is how the spawn of Clint Eastwood is spending her time. BuzzFeed: do you care? And if you do, what side are you on?

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