3 Outfits Beyoncé Wore To Vegan Restaurants That May Have Missed The Point

Is a 22-day vegan diet reason to be mad at Beyoncé for wearing fur to a vegan cafe?

1. This week, Jay Z wrote in his blog that he and Bey would be doing a “physical and spiritual cleanse” for the following 22 days.

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2. Even though the food looked finger-lickin’ good…

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3. …something seemed a little off.

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4. Her fashion choices.

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Here’s why.

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6. Offending Outfit #1:

Bey showed up to LA’s Native Foods with what looked like a sizable amount of animal fur around her shoulders. (It could be fake.)

JULIANO-KMM/X17ONLINE.COM / For more photos of Beyonce, visit X17online.com / Via X17ONLINE.COM
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7. The cafe lists it’s passions as “fresh food, animals and the environment.”

Native Foods / Via nativefoods.com
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8. Offending Outfit #2:

She wore this leather & cow inspired outfit to Crossroads in Beverly Hills.

JULIANO-KMM/X17ONLINE.COM / For more photos of Beyonce, visit X17online.com / Via X17ONLINE.COM
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9. …which is probably not vegan, either. *

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10. Offending Outfit #3:

A pizza-print ensemble, while TOTALLY AWESOME, in this instance is not vegan. Or at least, the pizzas that inspired these prints weren’t.

Splash News
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11. Vegan cheese and pepperoni look more like this:

The Momma Stuff Blog / mommastuffblog.com

This recipe — Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Pizza Dough recipe by The Momma Stuff Blog — can be found here.

ID: 2104418

12. And at best, this:

Kathy Patalsky / Happy. Healthy. Life. / Via kblog.lunchboxbunch.com

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza recipe can be found here.

ID: 2104428

13. But not quite that.

ID: 2105325

14. Miriam Webster defines the term veganism as:

a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products; also one who abstains from using animal products (as leather)

ID: 2105413

…and by using that logic, it would make sense why practicing vegans might find her to be disingenuous. That said, she’s less than a week in to her new diet, maybe we give her a break?

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16. Cool.

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