20 Things Beyoncé Did On Her Summer Vacation

The Queen B is having the most chill Summer of all.

1. Hula-hooped.

ID: 510740

2. Rode a bike.

ID: 510813

3. Went grocery shopping.

ID: 510741

4. Chilled with some horses.

ID: 510735

5. Followed her man on his world tour with Kanye West.

ID: 510743

6. Got Blue Ivy a “Watch The Throne” Onsie.


ID: 510745

7. Posed outside of a private jet with her friends.

ID: 510734

8. Twice.

I mean, hasn’t anyone told her about the Rich Kids of Instagram yet?

ID: 510819

9. Ate at the Food Shark truck.

ID: 510737

10. Found a Food Shark car.

ID: 510744

11. Spent some quality time on a swing.

ID: 510747

12. Let Jay push her in said swing.


ID: 510750

13. Saw Michelle Williams and (hopefully) discussed a Destiny’s Child reunion.

ID: 510739

14. Hung out with her sister, Solange.

ID: 510753

15. Wore some amazing cowboy boots.

ID: 510742

16. Danced her ass off.

ID: 510818

17. Posed with friends in front of some spare tires.

ID: 510732

18. Looked fab at this speaking engagement.

ID: 510738

19. Posed on this chill couch.

ID: 510746

20. Went home.

ID: 510820

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