WTF Geoguessr!??!!

GeoGuessr: A game that drops you into a random place in Google Street View, then makes you guess where you are in the world without zooming out. Here is a collection of some where-the-fuck-am-I moments, courtesy of Geoguessr.

1. This is how it should work. You’ve been dropped off in a place with clues and stuff.

2. But then shit like this happens…

3. And now I’m on a boat. How do I get off this boat?

4. Damn it GeoGuessr…

5. Seriously, what the hell???

6. Not a place you want to raise the kids.

7. Ok this place isn’t as bad, but still…what are you playing at Geoguessr?!?

8. Paranormal activity…no thanks.

9. Looks like this is the end of the road.

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