The Hope Generation
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  • Gay Haters? Sounds Like A Bunch Of Idiots To Me!

    Making people feel bad for being themselves? I know a little about that. Asian American, grew up in a redneck town called Mesquite. My dad has 2 PhDs one from China and one from America when he had to start all over in a different language. My dad was smart, artistic, athletic, and popular? Wtf happened to me? Fat, stupid, home maker, and not even an associates degree under my belt? Why? Cuz all my life I’ve been told that being myself wasn’t good enough. Fuck that! I’m fat cuz I just had a baby. I’m not stupid by any means cuz I figured out a simple and fun method to teach my kids and I want to share this method with everyone! Homemaker, cuz it’s one of the most important jobs in the world. Giving my kids a solid foundation of confidence, love, and good habits is far more important than anything in world to me. And lastly, so what if I don’t have an Associates degree. I know plenty of people who do and still haven’t made shit of themselves while I’m doing the most important thing anyone can do, make smarter kids for a better future. Being myself is not only good for me and my family but for everyone I can help. Isn’t that what they teach us in school? Be yourself? I don’t remember there being a part about, except if your gay.

    The Hope Generation a year ago respond