22 Puppies Stoked About Daylight Saving Time

Longer days mean more time for walks, trips to the dog park and rolling in the grass. These pups can’t wait.

1. This pug puppy is so happy it will be light out when he leaves the office now!

3. “Don’t just stand there, fool. Push me”

4. Grass! They’ve missed it so

5. The pups have been waiting all winter for Spring

7. How can you resist that face?

8. This mom is on a mission to take her pups to the park

9. “Fetch? I forgot how”

10. Cats are looking forward to more alone time

12. “Just go outside for the love of Pete!”

13. This daschund will wait patiently for you to change out of your work clothes

14. Tired? No problem. Just hire a seasoned dog to take your puppy out

15. Golden’s are very responsible

16. You gotta get to the park and socialize these cuties!

17. Time to show off your Valentine’s Day present at the dog run. Everyone will be so jealous.

18. “Don’t worry, I can see. Get thee to the park!”

19. Or the beach. That’s cool too.

20. Dogs love the beach!

21. “What better way to wind down after a tough day than with us? We are so adorable.”

22. Before you know it, it will be too hot to do anything. So come on, get out there!

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