23 Things True Of Seattle Natives

Whether you were born and raised in Seattle and moved away, or you are a transplant to the great Pacific Northwest, you know that Dick’s means a whole lot more to you than it would some loser who is from a lesser city.

1. You laugh when someone tries to compare Portland to Seattle

2. You are probably used to the smell of marijuana

3. There really is a Starbucks on every block

4. You know what and where this wall is

5. You know to dress accordingly on the 4th of July

6. Nothing beats Seattle in summer

8. You went here for field trips as a child

And haven’t gone since.

9. There is always at least one Macklemore song on the radio

He wasn’t lying about the Honda Civics in Seattle.

10. You can spot an out of towner by their use of umbrellas

And you laugh at them as they struggle with their umbrella, then you feel bad for laughing at someone you don’t know.

11. Someone you know (or even don’t know) has tried to convince you to go vegetarian or vegan

12. You are a part of the 12th man even when not at the game

Especially when playing against the 49’ers

13. Everyone shops at Urban Outfitters

Even though you work a minimum wage job, you are able to spend $60 on cardigans

14. Your Instagram feed primarily includes pictures of The Space Needle, rain, Pike Place, outfits of the day, and coffee

And you like everyone of those pictures, you’re from Seattle.

15. You know that Seattle’s Best Coffee is owned by… Starbucks

16. There is always a new Thai, Chinese, or sushi restaurant opening

17. You only go to Pike Place Market when you are with visitors

18. You’re accepting of the LGBTQ community

After all, Seattle does have marriage equality, a gay mayor, and Capitol Hill.

19. Grey’s Anatomy is not a great representation…

Seattle does not have history altering events every year like hospital shootings, ferry explosions, helicopter explosions, and sinkholes.

20. You know Bill Gates is the man

Scholarships for Washington students, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and improvement to local high schools, what more can he do?

21. You have family or friends who work at either: Amazon, Microsoft, or Boeing.

22. You are a hardcore Sounders fan, although you know nothing about soccer

23. You are a diehard Sonics fan

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