17 Politicians Letting Their Guard Down

They may seem all business on the outside, but these politicians definitely know how to have a good time. posted on

1. Obama Behind The Wheel

2. The Romney’s Cruising

3. Paul Ryan, Full Back

4. The Biden’s With Some Friends

5. Hillary On The Dance Floor

6. JFK For Par

7. Sarah Palin Gone Fishin’

8. Putin Fishes, Too!

9. GWB Having A Moment With The Easter Bunny

10. Bill Gettin’ Funky

12. George Senior at 11,000 Feet

13. Santorum Rolls A Strike

14. Kim Jong Un Goes For A Ride

16. Silly Ike!

17. And Julian Castro’s Daughter

18. These People Aren’t Politicians, But They’re Definitely Having A Good Time

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