16 Things Our Pets Do That Always Make Us Smile

It’s funny how we spend so much time training our pets to do “tricks” when they already know how to do the biggest trick of all: which is make us smile. Here are some of the things they do that get us each and every time.

1. They Make Sure We Never Sleep Through Our Alarm (Or If They DO Let Us, It’s Never For Too Long)

2. They Wait Anxiously For Us To Return Home Every Night

3. They Get Stuck (And Then Pretend They Wanted To Be Stuck And Like It’s No Big Deal)

4. Occasionally, They’ll Bond With Each Other

5. They Get Angry When We Play With Their Bellyfat In Front Of Houseguests

6. They’re Always Down To Take A Road Trip

7. They Understand That We Simply MUST Take Seasonal Pictures Of Them

8. They’re More Than Willing To Proofread The Op-Ed We’re Sending To The Times

9. They Pretend To Be Camera Shy

10. They Care About The Things We Care About

11. They ALSO Want To Figure Babies Out

12. They Get Upset About Bad Haircuts, Too

13. They End Up Making Our Duckface For Us

14. Sometimes They Have Absolutely NO Idea What Something Is

15. They Don’t Care About Utensils Or Plates, Either

16. But What Gets Us Most Of All Is When They Actually Smile Back At Us!

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