15 Animals That Are Totally Living The Good Life

Some creatures just have it all.

1. “Who needs an iPad when you’ve got a lily pad.”

2. “Yup, this is were I’ll be for the rest of my life if you ever need me.”

3. “This is what Saturday is all about, kickin’ back, watchin’ the game.”

4. “That’s my boy.”

5. “This is so much better than jumping.”

Via http://Henry%20Waxman

6. “Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”

7. “This is the spot I was telling you about with all the free food!”

8. “No need for doggy paddle.”

9. “Beach day, everyday!”

10. “Weeeeeeee!”

11. “Can You Put These In The Microwave Again? My Rollers Are Warmer Than They Are!”

12. “Ewe can do it, too!”

13. “Peanuts? Did you say peanuts!?”

14. “Nothing better than a day at the spa.”

15. “Being green isn’t so bad.”

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