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  • Civil Rights Timeline Infographic

    We’ve created this infographic to highlight some of the most notable events in American History where great strides and victories were made for civil rights and equality for all people. This infographic is intended for educational or informational purposes, please feel free to share or use this infographic with credit to USAonRace.com.

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  • [Infographic] The Most Expensive Concert T In The World Is…..

    You may laugh at your old man for reminiscing about his tie dye t-shirts, his days at Woodstock or telling you for the millionth time about the time he met Mick Jagger, but this was actually a big deal! So big, some of those bands’ concert tees retail for a hundred times what it would cost to buy a bunch of wholesale t-shirts.

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  • [INFOGRAPHIC] The History Of Movement Games

    As an entrée into this world, we had fun exploring the ways that movement and games have intersected over the years. The big question is: what’s the next move? With our eyes always on new technology and its possible applications, we’ll be watching to see the latest innovations in gaming. Chances are they’ll have applications only limited by our imaginations. Game on!

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  • Interesting T Shirt Facts

    Have you ever been playing trivia and lost a round because your obscure apparel knowledge was lacking? We feel your pain. Now, you’ll never have to wonder how much the world’s most expensive t-shirt costs, or how much fiber it takes to make a single cotton t-shirt. Our newest infographic is sure to satisfy both the casual trivia enthusiast as well as the t-shirt knowledge hoarder. For all of your t-shirt needs, The Adair Group is here to help.

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  • A Timeline Of The T-Shirt

    Did you know that the T-shirt has been around since the time of the Spanish-American War? Or that the most T-shirts worn by an individual at one time is over 270? Millions (and perhaps billions!) of people in the world own T-shirts, yet so few of us know about the history of this particularly well-loved garment. From reviving tourism, to paving the yellow brick road, to becoming bullet-proof, here are some of the T-shirt’s finest moments in history.

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  • The Most Patriotic Email Marketing Infographic, Ever.

    With election day coming up, Vertical Response wanted to celebrate the occasion with a patriotic infographic on email marketing. From choosing the right “from” name to integrating your email with social networks, if email marketing has your vote, check out the infographic for five steps towards a winning email marketing campaign.

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