Things "The Hills" Taught Me

Also…Justin Bobby.

1. Hot guys will always be a disappointment.

ID: 1097543

2. Have standards.

ID: 1097554

4. Have supportive friends.

ID: 1097561

7. Never underestimate the power of a good eye roll.

ID: 1097567

8. Be realistic.

ID: 1097583

10. Stay in tune with your emotions.

ID: 1097586

11. In an argument, use your words.

ID: 1097592

13. It’s OK to have insecurities.

ID: 1097634

14. Never choose a guy over a friend.

ID: 1097638

15. Don’t give up.

ID: 1097666

16. Make plans for your future.

ID: 1097668

17. Always chew with your mouth closed.

ID: 1097673

18. And Justin Bobby.

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