Forty 90s Vintage Valentine’s Cards

Valentine Card’s you probably received as a kid.

Oh the joys of growing up in the Y-Generation, and having a class room Valentine’s Day card exchange! Of course, if your school was anything like mine you were required to give everyone a card (no matter how much you hated them or were given the creeps by them). What was that all about? Is this elementary school communism? Luckily, when you purchased a valentine card box there was always one or two dud cards in the pack. If you had Family Matter’s valentine cards, it would be a card featuring Harriet or a NFL Trading Card pack and…well receiving this

And on that note, our goal is to take a nice look back at some of these 90’s centric cards.

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And the love song for all you’re past loves with a little help from Jerry Seinfeld and Taylor Swift.

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