18 Reasons Florida Should Also Be Called “The Adventure State”

If fun is what you’re looking for, don’t you dare head anywhere else. Read on to see how Florida is the place to be, and click here for more proof.

You already know Florida is a great place to kick back and relax:

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But it can be hard to really relax when everyone around you is having their own adventures!

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1. For example, while you’re relaxing, they’re snorkeling:

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And searching for buried treasure… that will make them trillions of dollars and instantly famous in one day!

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2. Or catching their dinner:

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Maybe even via spear, like a true outdoorsman!

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3. Or how about scuba diving? Maybe everyone you know is scuba diving right this second?!

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How dare they pretend to discover the remnants of an ancient underwater city WITHOUT YOU?

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4. Or have you considered that maybe they’re canoeing alongside alligators:

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The Myakka River State Park offers daring individuals the chance to observe predators in their natural environment (safely, of course, since the alligators have not been harassed by people, so they are still afraid of them).

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5. But don’t worry too much, beacuse they’re probably just surfing:

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6. Or skateboarding from Point A to Point B:

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7. And there’s also a good chance they’re coasting through the Everglades in an airboat:

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Too bad you don’t feel the need for speed as much as they do!

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8. Or boat racing!

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9. Or perhaps they’re rope swinging away:

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Into water that’s bluer than even the bluest of eyes.

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10. Or exploring the beach on horseback:

Sure, relaxing on a beach is nice, but if the horse option is there…

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11. Perhaps they got a friend THAT WASN’T YOU and went paddleboarding!

The horror.

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12. Maybe they picked a ride and decided to experience every one of its kind in the state:

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Florida is filled with amusement parks and theme parks, so “riding off into the sunset” has a completely different meaning there.

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13. Or maybe their plan is to camp on the beach and stay up all night looking at the stars:

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14. So while doing this is nice:

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15. It doesn’t compare to this:

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16. Or this:

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17. And nope, not this either:

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18. And definitely not this:

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What are you waiting for? It’s time to experience all Florida has to offer. Click here to get started.

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