What Your Phone Usage Says About You

Actual numbers from an actual poll reveal the deep dark truth about cell usage.

27.8% of people who use their phones almost exclusively to call have broken up with someone via text message.

8.7% of people call more than they text.

56% of people don’t know their spouses telephone number.

Females are 10% more likely then males to have sent a nude pic of themselves from their phone.

A majority of 18-23 year-olds text more than they call.

37% of people that pay for unlimited minutes use their almost exclusively to text.

65% of people have one phone number memorized, their moms’.

More than 60% of 18-23 year-olds have photographed their food with their phone.

¼ of all smartphone users between 18 and 34 admit to pretending to know a piece of information they secretly found on their phone.

Almost 25% of people don’t know how much data they use each month.

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