The Kings & Queens Of Comic Con

Cosplayers that totally killed it at the big nerd off!

1. The Greatest Intergalactic Jug Band Of All Time

2. Check Out The Mace On That Guy!

4. Shazam & Shazette Fo-Shizzle

5. The Only Thing Better Than Slave Leia?

6. A Whole Pile Of Slave Leia!

8. Come At Me Bro

11. Everybody Fears Me

12. It’s OK That Your Masks Aren’t Movie Quality

13. Superman, Robin, and Dork Vader

14. Tough Economy For Maniacal Skull-Headed Overlords

17. Aqualady, you so Annie Lennox

18. Most Bad-Ass Wonder Women Ever!

19. There’s The Droid I Was Looking For

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