22 Steps To The Perfect Sexy Snapchat

How to get risque on your phone. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Get nice and bored

Via http://wicked-the-kid.tumblr.com

4. Let’s do this

Via http://thefastandthefashionable.tumblr.com

5. Where to begin?

6. Psych yourself up

Via http://be-0riginal-not-perfect.tumblr.com

9. Get distracted

12. Add some time

Via http://dirty-kitten-from-mars.tumblr.com

13. Choose the lucky recipient

14. Mistakenly send it to everyone

17. Then it hits you

19. Accept it

Via http://hooksandcuffs.tumblr.com

21. Let some time pass

Via http://1-garotociumentoapaixonado.tumblr.com

#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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