15 Reasons Gingers Were Cooler In The ’90s

Redheads of the 90s paved the way for gingers of today, and here’s the proof. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Pepper Ann was too cool not to be ginger

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2. Gingers could summon lasers. Pew pew.

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3. Grunge allowed for the expression of all that gingery angst

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4. Gingers knew how to rock a flannel

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5. Ginger mullet was the ultimate look of the 90s

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6. Ginger fro was the penultimate look of the 90s

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8. Gingers were photographed with no less than 5 babes at a time

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9. 90s Grandmoms loved gingers

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10. Gingers had tons of bros

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11. and the coolest bikes

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12. That ginger chinstrap really sealed the deal

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13. Can you even handle this much ginger

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14. Well, can you?

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15. The 90s could

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