15 Kids Who Are More Badass Than You

These kids have cornered the market in badassery. Don’t look them in the eye, but also don’t look away. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Billy thinks your teddy is weak, bro

ID: 970881

2. Timmy loves pb & double freedom rockets

ID: 970882

3. Jimmy’s all like, “No big deal.”

ID: 970912

4. Gerard might need counseling

ID: 970883

5. Johnny wants to be a hipster like his daddy

ID: 970884

6. Lil Stevie is unimpressed

ID: 970885

7. Ike has his block on lockdown

ID: 970886

8. Lars is well, Lars.

ID: 970888

9. Stacy is all like, “Whatever.”

ID: 970890

10. Ricky is literally playing tag

ID: 970891

11. Jesse has a mean right cross

ID: 970894

12. Joey goes off all the sweet jumps

ID: 970895

13. DJ Playdo’s gots mad skillz

ID: 970896

14. Trevor may or may not be packing

ID: 970897

15. Simon is little “e” big “X” eXtreme!

ID: 970908

#BreakFree- Virgin Mobile

ID: 971961

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